The Gobi Trails – 6 Days

Tour Route: Depart UB to Yol Gorge – Khanbogd ger camp Khongor Sand Dunes – Gobi Erdene ger camp – Bayanzag the flaming Cliffs – Govi Tour – Ger camp DZD town – Gobi Oasis ger camp – Tsagaan Suvarga Cliffs – Caravan Serai camp – Ulaanbaatar

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the stunning Yoliin Am Gorge in the Gobi Altai Mountain range
  • Witness the breathtaking beauty of the deep, narrow canyon and experience the winter wonderland with its thick ice coating
  • Visit the mesmerizing Khongor Sand Dunes, a magnificent oasis in the Gobi Desert
  • Discover the famous Bayanzag, also known as the Flaming Cliffs
  • Experience the vibrant Tsagaan Suvarga Cliffs, remnants of the ancient sea floor
  • Explore the Del Uul mountain and witness fascinating petroglyphs