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Mongolia Festival Tours & Vacation | Top 10+ Festival Travel Packages

This tour will immerse you in western Mongolia's pristine beauty and rich cultural traditions. It's an amazing opportunity to meet various ethnic minorities, such as Muslim Kazakhs, who have their own traditions and customs. During this tour, you will see the spectacular Golden Eagle Festival, where Eagle hunters perform their hunting skills.

Witness the spectacular scenery of the Gobi of Mongolia. Visit the ancient capital of Mongols Kharkhorin, with the chance to discover Mongolian nomadic culture first-hand by visiting our Naadam Festival Tour Mongolia 2023. The Naadam Festival is indeed the highlight of our trip. In ancient times, kings created it for military purposes when they needed their warriors trained all the time. Said kings came across the idea of having a regional and state competition for Horse racing, Archery, and Wrestling. Since then the Naadam Festival is celebrated with these three traditional tournaments.

The festivals in Mongolia clearly show the people's unique indigenous culture, all to convey their connection to the green steppe, nomadic living, and hunting techniques in daily life. Coming to the golden week - golden eagle tour, you will have the distinctive opportunity to spend time in the Altai Mountains with a nomadic family in their ger, as well as next to an eagle hunter. Experience the nomadic lifestyle, learn about their culture, and participate in the annual Eagle Festival in Ulgii. During the holiday week, this trip combines exploration of Mongolia's amazing scenery, diverse cultural heritage and many other fantastic activities such as off-road driving, mountain biking, archery, Gyrocopter flight, and much more.

Mongolia Festival Tours

Naadam & Nomads – 12 Days

This fascinating journey allows you to see the traditional event known as the "Nomad Olympics" and puts you behind the cultural background of ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation for ages. The pleasure of watching hundreds of racing horses with their outstanding young riders, muscular wrestlers doing the "Eagle dance," and traditionally clothed archers drawing their bows and impressive competition of ankle bones shooting awaits you at the Naadam festival. But our journey does not stop there. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the training of racing horses as well as the preparation of wrestlers and the ancient archery method.