The Quintessence of Mongolia – 12 Days

Tour Route: Khustai National Park – Kharakhorum – Zuu Monastery – Local Museum – Naadam Festival – Orkhon Valley – Tuvkhun Monastery – Tsenkher hot spring – Ugii Lake – Gurvanbulag village – Horseback Riding Tour – Khognokhaan Natural Reserve – Uvgun Monastery

Tour Highlights

  • Encounter the majestic Takhi horses in their natural habitat and explore the park’s scenic landscapes
  • Visit the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire
  • Explore the impressive Erdene Zuu Monastery
  • Experience Mongolia’s prestigious festival featuring traditional sports and cultural activities
  • Discover the historic landmarks of Mongolia’s civilization
  • Explore spiritual sites, hike in granite mountains, and enjoy camel riding in the stunning natural reserve