Golden Eagle Tour – 23 Days

Tour Route: Ulaanbaatar – Erdenet  – Lake Khuvsgul – Delgermurun – Tosontsengel – Lake Khyargas – Ulaangom – Ot – Bayan Ulgii – Sagsai – Bayan Ulgii – Khovd – Uliastai – White Lake – Kharkhorin – Ulaanbaatar – Terelj National Park – Chinggis Khaan Statue Monument Complex – Ulaanbaatar

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Lake Khuvsgul, Lake Khyargas, Altai Mountains, and Terelj National Park.
  • Experience the unique traditions and hospitality of Kazakh and Turkish communities
  • Visit historical sites like Karakorum, and learn about Mongolian culture.
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Karakorum and the Erdene Zuu Monastery
  • Stay in traditional ger camps, interact with nomadic herders, and participate in activities like horseback riding and learning about traditional dairy production