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Ending the past of a powerful empire that once covered almost the entire world, Mongolia now attracts an increasing number of tourists due to its majestic nature and unique experiences obtainable only in this country. When coming to Mongolia, the Land of Genghis Khan stands out for its wild, majesticity steppes and the image of brave warriors living on the saddle. The Mongols’ national cultural traditions have retained great beauty over the years. More than 30% of Mongolians still live a nomadic life, they live a freedom lifestyle and extremely hospitable. You will fully experience the mysterious traditions, distinctive and appealing cuisine, unique flavors of nomads, stunning and exotic traditional costumes, especially, the typical free lifestyle of the nomads here.
Go Mongolia Tours operated by a local operator in Mongolia & Asia. Within over 18 years of experience in the tourism industry, Go Mongolia Tours delivers a variety of Mongolia tours & travel packages for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. Even more, we work with you to create a unique and best Mongolia trip to suit your specific interests and preferences. If you are planning a Mongolia Vacation and still doubtful about which tourist attractions to visit, Go Mongolia Tours will give you ideal Mongolia Tour Packages to have the best experience of Mongolia.

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Easy Mongolia Trip Planning

Easy Mongolia Trip Planning

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Local Expert Mongolia Service Customizing

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Authentic Mongolia Vacation

Authentic Mongolia Vacation

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Outstanding Mongolia Trip Reviews

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Get Inspiration of a Mongolia tour itinerary

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Book Mongolia Tour Packages with Us

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Mongolia Tour Packages 2023 - 2024

Enjoy the scenic view on a thrilling Mongolian Caravan Jeep Tour from Ereen Khot to Zamiin Uud. Explore historic towns, majestic landscapes, and iconic sites like Terelj National Park, Khongor Sand Dune, and Ongi River. Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture, relax in Tsenkher Hot Spa, and witness the beauty of Lake Khyargas. From mining sites to vibrant towns, experience the best of Mongolia's heritage. Join us on this unforgettable journey through diverse terrains and create lasting memories.

Mongolia Adventures Tours

Mongolian Caravan Jeep Tour – 22 Days

Take a vista on an exhilarating jeep tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Mongolia, as we take you on an unforgettable adventure along the Ereen Khot to Zamiin Uud route. Buckle up and get ready to explore the rugged beauty of Terelj National Park, traversing its winding trails and immersing yourself in the untouched wilderness from the comfort of our sturdy jeeps. Feel the adrenaline rush as we navigate the challenging terrains, crossing vast plains, crossing mighty rivers, and conquering mountain passes. Experience the freedom of the open road as we journey through the captivating cities, towns, and natural wonders, creating memories that will stay with you forever.

Immerse yourself in nomadic culture and be captivated by Mongolia's timeless allure. Our carefully crafted tour takes you on a mesmerizing Mongolia journey through the heart of Mongolia, allowing you to witness its awe-inspiring beauty and delve into its rich cultural heritage. From the sprawling steppes to the rugged mountains, each destination offers a unique experience that will leave you breathless.

Mongolia Adventures Tours

Photo Safari Adventure – 15 Days

Embark on a mesmerizing Mongolia trip, taking you from the vibrant city of Ulaanbaatar to iconic destinations such as Khustai National Park, Elsen Tasarkhai, Karakorum, Taikhar Chuluu, and Chuluut River. Experience the tranquility of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, witness the awe-inspiring Khorgo Volcano, and immerse yourself in the culture of Delgermurun and Khatgal. Explore the breathtaking beauty of Lake Khuvsgul, visit the vibrant city of Erdenet, and discover the natural wonders of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Pay tribute to Mongolia's legendary hero at the Chinggis Khaan Statue Monument Complex before returning to Ulaanbaatar. Join us on this unforgettable expedition through Mongolia's remarkable landscapes and heritage.

Mongolia Adventures Tours

North & Central 4WD Tour – 15 Days

Start your Mongolia tour from Ulaanbaatar - the Capital City of Mongolia, and explore a naturally beautiful place called Elsen Tasarkhai, drive to the ruin of Karakorum, the ancient capital city in Mongolia. Relax in the natural and historical sites of Tsenkher Hot Spa and Taikhar Chuluu. See the breathtaking view of Chuluut River, and White Lake.  Pay a visit to the picturesque sights surrounding Murun Town, Khatgal Village to understand the local lifestyle and culture.

Mongolia Adventures Tours

Mongol Nomads Tour – 6 Days

Begin the Mongolia vacation package with an Ulaanbaatar city tour, and spend time exploring Main Square, Chinggis Khaan Museum, the attractive beauty of Terelj National Park, and the Fantastic Granite Rock Formation. Have nice photo shooting opportunities with a small patch of Gobi Desert area with Sand dunes, Rivers, and Rocky Mountain combination. Then watch the picturesque site of the herd of Red deer /Cervus Elaphus/ in the natural wild condition. Later, pay an excursion to Photo Safari for Takhi, and visit the Mongol Naadam Theme Park Complex to understand deeply Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, heritage, and culture in the authentic natural spot.

Start at ZAMIIN UUUD International Border Point, your Mongolia trip will be one of the best experiences when seeing by the naked eye all the breathtaking views, stunning natural beauty, majestic mountains, etc. After entering ULAANBAATAR Capital city, a grandiose statue will appear in front of your eye, continue to enjoy the Terelj National Park with Turtle Rock and Fantastic Granite Rock Formation with a wonderful natural site Combination. Continue the Mongolia vacation package, visit the Chinggis Khaan Museum,  World’s 10th-biggest museum presenting all historical periods and highlights of Mongolian history, and other Bhudist Tempe. Then, explore a range of lakes, and enjoy Mongolia's Traditional shows such as Kazak Horsemen”s show named Kukbar and Kyz Kuu. Then drive to the BULGAN soum to complete your interesting Mongolia tour.

After arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport, you will explore Mongolia with the naked – eyes such as the beautiful sceneries, the majestic mountain combination, and the breathtaking Altai - Lake  Khyargas and deeply understand the culture and local lifestyle via the KARAKORUM Museum visit, TOSONTSENGEL Village exploration. Moreover, this is a good chance for you to experience the daily activities and authentic cuisine of the Kazakh family. Taking an adventure to visit the Sreppe waterfall or GOBI-ALTAI Province.

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Culture & Customs in Mongolia

Although the strong nomadic traditions of Mongolia are well-known, many people today live more urban lives in this sparsely populated nation. The majority of the population—nearly 50%—lives in or in metropolitan centres, while the other 50% leads a semi-nomadic lifestyle in rural regions, however there are established agricultural villages there as well, and they are expanding yearly. The rich nomadic legacy is still cherished today, and ancient Mongol music, dancing, tales, and attire are still used, particularly during festivities and national holidays.

Monasteries and temples abound in both urban and rural Mongolia, demonstrating the country's large Buddhist population. In several of Mongolia's more remote areas, where the indigenous traditions have been partially protected from contemporary influences, shamanism is still maintained.

Most Mongolians have a reverence for family and an understanding of the value of hospitality. Sharing with others and graciously accepting visitors are recurring themes in Mongolian society that were probably influenced by the nomadic lifestyle. Because of the severe surroundings, unpredictable weather, and unpredictability of the nomadic lifestyle, the majority of Mongolians go above and beyond to make their homes a safe haven for friends, family, and visitors. This is the primary reason it's not a good idea to refuse food or their warm hospitality.

Transportation in Mongolia

Go Mongolia Tours employ local transportation alternatives and conventional forms of transportation wherever feasible since they often have a lower negative impact on the environment, help small local businesses, and are far more enjoyable.

The type of excursion you do while in Mongolia tours will determine how you get around:

  • Camel: Experience a short yet unforgettable camel ride over the Mongolian deserts.
  • Overnight Sleeper Train: Rumbling over the countryside aboard a train, I watched the Mongolian steppe go by.
Accommondation in Mongolia

Going on a Mongolia vacation with us is a little bit unique. Go Mongolia Tours aim to provide visitors a genuine experience they won't soon forget, therefore we make an effort to maintain as many distinctive and traditional accommodations as we can.

You could stay at one of the following accommodations whilst touring with us in Mongolia:

  • Tourist Ger Camp: Rest in a ger, a traditional Mongolian dwelling, for the whole of the day. These movable circular wonders are incredibly cozy while being made to endure the outdoors.
  • Family Stay: Spend time with a local family and stay in their ger to experience Mongolian cuisine and culture. While experiencing kindness, learn a bit of the native language and discover the Mongolian life style.
Eating & drinking in Mongolia

Go Mongolia Tours believes that dining is one of the finest ways to get to know a place. Regardless of where you are on globe, there are countless alternatives available to you, whether you want to indulge in a feast, enjoy some street cuisine, or have an inexpensive meal.

The food in Mongolia travel packages will likely be somewhat different from what you're used to. The nomadic lifestyle of several Mongolians limits access to ingredients and various cooking techniques. Meats like goat, mutton, and horse that have been fermented are frequently consumed. Because declining food when visit someone's house is considered disrespectful, vegetarians may find it challenging to dine here. Ulaanbaatar's cafés and restaurants are recommended since they provide a wider range of options.

Things to try in Mongolia

1. Buuz

Although they are frequently offered on special occasions, restaurants and cafés offer delicious steamed beef dumplings throughout the year.

2. Khuushuur

These meat-filled dumplings are fried, not steamed, like buuz. These pastry packets are an inexpensive and tasty snack that are offered at Ulaanbaatar cafés.

Best time to visit Mongolia

Due to its position, Mongolia has an extreme continental climate. The months of May through October are the most ideal for visiting. The Naadam Festival's prominence makes July the greatest month to visit; although it might get busy, Ulaanbaatar buzzes with an unbelievable energy at this time.

The rainy season, which lasts from July through August, is marked by a lot of rain, but it also gives the area a lovely green hue. From June through October, it may get quite chilly, and heavy snow can occasionally cancel flights and halt transportation.

Nature wonders in Mongolia

Top 10 Natural Wonders visitors must see during Mongolia tour 2022:

1. Lake Khovsgol

It is just breathtaking to see Mongolia's dazzling, blue treasure. Lake Khovsgol, which is flanked by imposing hills and lush alpine meadows, is a photographer's paradise and the ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Selenge River

This mighty river in Northern Mongolia is encircled by beautiful surroundings and agricultural area. This lush region, which is home to a vast range of fauna and birds, displays Mongolia in its full unspoiled beauty.

3. Gobi Desert

The subtropical Gobi Desert, which spans a significant portion of southern Mongolia, is a huge, desolate region of dunes, rocks, and gravel. Remarkably, there are signs of life here, including rare Gobi bears and herds of cashmere goats. You allegedly have seen deserts before? The Gobi Desert is unlike any other place on earth.

4. Bayan Olgii

This secluded region of Mongolia rewards the diligent tourist with remarkable ancient sites, breathtaking landscapes, unspoiled people, and an intriguing lifestyle. It is distant, rough, and rich in historical riches.

5. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Visitors will be captivated by the untamed scenery of this national park, which is home to lakes, glaciers, alpine forests, and stunning valleys. This breathtaking national park exhibits Mongolia's wild nature at its best. It is home to eagles, deer, moose, and ibex.

6. Uran Uul

Since it hasn't exploded in centuries and is now coated in lush vegetation and luscious grass, this dormant volcano is no longer dangerous. Enjoy the panorama of the valley by hiking to the rim.

7. Darkhad Depression

The Darkhad Depression's 200 or more lakes have a mysterious, ethereal charm. The Mongolian grassland and the nearby Taiga forest offer the perfect habitat for the reindeer-breeding nomads that visit this region year around long.

8. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

This lake in central Mongolia is a serene, lovely location. The lake's uncluttered shoreline are an excellent area to view the variety of waterbirds that reside there.

9. Tsenkher Hot Springs

The Tsenkher hot springs are authentic. The open-air springs provide hot and steamy refreshment in untouched harsh mountainous environment and are genuine, uncommercialized, and secluded.

10. Gurvan Saikhan National Park

This national park is a well-liked tourist destination because of the enormous variety of flora and wildlife there. A rare, endangered snow leopard can be spotted among the sparrows, eagles, wildebeest, and wild camels.


Shopping in Mongolia

There are many unusual goods available for purchase on Mongolia trips that are unlikely to be found anyplace else in the globe. Watch out for the following things at Mongolian marketplaces and stores.

To be sure that you may carry particular things back into your place of origin, it is a great idea to verify with your local customs officers. Generally speaking, the regulations governing customs are rigorous in the US and Canada.

Things to buy in Mongolia

1. Traditional clothing

Belts, boots, and caps from Mongolia are colorful and distinctive souvenirs of your trip.

2. Art

A wonderful strategy to support the neighborhood economy is to patronize local artists. In marketplaces and galleries, vibrant paintings created by Mongolian artists may be discovered.

3. Cashmere

Consider buying a scarf, sweater, or wrap before returning home? Mongolian cashmere is among of the finest around the globe.

4. Felt

Felt items are widely available in Mongolia's marketplaces and retail establishments. Soft and delicate felt slippers are wonderful presents for friends.


Highlight Festivals & Events in Mongolia

Tsagaan Sar

The White Moon festival (Lunar New Year), one of the most significant events in Mongolia, signals the end of wintertime. Mongolians generally rejoice by dining on local delicacies and dancing and singing together with loved ones.

Naadam Festival

This centuries-old Mongol ritual is celebrated in Ulaanbaatar, with lesser versions also taking place in the surrounding countryside. In addition to traditional dancing and music, this festival of fitness and sports includes events in archery, horse riding, and wrestling. Take a visit while you are in Mongolia for the Naadam Festival.

Mongolian Eagle Festival

The Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is a yearly 2-day event that takes place from September 17–18 in Sagsai Village, Bayan-Ulgii Province, Western Mongolia. The event features traditional Kazakh festivities, eagle hunting competitions, opportunities to interact with renowned eagle hunters, and unique photography courses in the picturesque Altai Mountains.

Health & safety in Mongolia

Go Mongolia Tours takes seriously the health and safety of its visitors and does all possible to make sure that visits are safe, pleasurable, and entertaining for everyone. We advise all passengers to get the most recent information before to departure from their municipal authorities or national travel advisory agency.