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Mongolia Special Interest Tours & Vacation Packages

Mongolia Special Interest Tours

Mongolia Snow Leopard Trekking Tour – 12 Days

General Information of Mongolia Tour Duration: 12 Days/ 11 Nights Tour Routine: Bayan-Ulgii – Deluun sum – province visit a Kazakh family – Mountain Munkhkhairkhan National Park – Mongol Altai Mountains – Khar Uzuur – Guurt area – Ikh Baga Khadaan Gijigt – Witness Snow Leopards, photograph and film – staying with a nomad family [...]

Mongolia Special Interest Tours

Reindeer Tribe Tour – 9 Days

The southern tip of Siberia is covered with breathtaking, glittering snow. Observe winter life and take advantage of a nomad's hospitality Tribe of Reindeer Herders Join us for horse sledding on Khuvsgul Lake's transparent ice. Participate in "Nomads' Everyday Life Activities," such as preparing dairy products. Enjoy the breathtaking vista of Mongolia's Blue Pearl, Khuvsgul Lake.

Mongolia Special Interest Tours

Steppe Inspiration Of Mongolia – 10 Days

This 12-day trekking excursion is our ultimate adventure experience. Visit the Tavan Bogd National Park in western Mongolia to meet Kazakh and Tuvan nomads, see ancient deer stones and petroglyphs, and catch a glimpse of the area's rare wildlife, which includes ibex and birds of prey. On this exhilarating adventure, trek over mountain passes and glaciers, climb Mt. Malchin (4000m), walk on Potanin glacier, and camp overnight in the wilderness with the pack camels carrying supplies, rations, and equipment.