Reindeer Tribe Tour – 9 Days

Tour Route: Ulaanbaatar – Erdenet Town – Erdenet Town – Murun Town – Khatgal Town – Khatgal – Khuvsgul Lake – Renchin Lkhumbe Town – Renchinlkhumbe Town – Taiga – Taiga – Ulaan Uul Town – Murun Town – Murun Town – Erdenet Town – Erdenet – Ulaanbaatar City

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the beauty of Mongolia’s Blue Pearl with a horse-drawn sled ride on the frozen Khuvsgul Lake
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional lifestyle of the Tsaachin people
  • Explore the snow-covered Taiga woodland
  • Enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and engaging with the local community
  • Marvel at the breathtaking winter landscapes as you travel through the Darkhad Depression
  • Discover ancient traditions at a deer stone and carving site, interact with local communities