Malaysian Caravan Expedition – 15 Days

Start at ZAMIIN UUUD International Border Point, your Mongolia trip will be one of the best experiences when seeing by the naked eye all the breathtaking views, stunning natural beauty, majestic mountains, etc. After entering ULAANBAATAR Capital city, a grandiose statue will appear in front of your eye, continue to enjoy the Terelj National Park with Turtle Rock and Fantastic Granite Rock Formation with a wonderful natural site Combination. Continue the Mongolia vacation package, visit the Chinggis Khaan Museum,  World’s 10th-biggest museum presenting all historical periods and highlights of Mongolian history, and other Bhudist Tempe. Then, explore a range of lakes, and enjoy Mongolia’s Traditional shows such as Kazak Horsemen”s show named Kukbar and Kyz Kuu. Then drive to the BULGAN soum to complete your interesting Mongolia tour.