Photo Safari Adventure – 15 Days

Tour Route: Ulaanbaatar – Khustai National Park – Elsen Tasarkhai– Karakorum – Taikhar Chuluu – Chuluut River – Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake – Khorgo Volcano – Delgermurun – Khatgal – Lake Khuvsgul – Erdenet – Gorkhi Terelj National Park – Chinggis Khaan Statue Monument Complex – Ulaanbaatar.

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the untouched beauty of Khustai National Park on a thrilling photo safari to spot wild horses and Red Deer
  • Explore the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, Karakorum, and discover the Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery Complex
  • Visit the impressive Ancient Turkish Monuments dating back to the 5th century
  • Discover the scenic landscapes of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, known as the White Lake
  • Take a boat tour to capture the crystal-clear waters
  • Visit the Tsonjin Boldog Historical Complex and see the statue of Chinggis Khaan