Mongolia Visa and Passport Requirement – Affirmative Information & Guides You Need To Know

Mongolia Visa and Passport Requirement - Information & Guides

Mongolia Visa and Passport

For up to 30 days, British, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and citizens of the majority of EU nations require a visa to enter Mongolia as tourists. For stays up to 90 days, US nationals would not require a visa, while Canadian citizens will not need one for stays up to 30 days. Foreign nationals should confirm whether a visa is needed by contacting the relevant consulates. If a visa is necessary, you must apply for it in preparation. At land or air crossings, there is no visa on entry in Mongolia.

Mongolia – Letter Of Invitation (Loi):

The majority of embassies don’t demand a LOI. Please get in touch with us if you are needed to submit one along with your visa application. For this service, there can be a charge. We will need a clean, color scan of your passport along with information on which embassy you will be applying for your visa in order for us to give a LOI through our local partners. Kindly accept up to three weeks for the processing of your LOI following which you may submit an application for a visa.

Mongolian Visa En Route:

If you have time in Beijing before your trip, you might be able to apply for your Mongolian visa there. Please be sure to prepare ahead and research the most recent diplomatic regulations. To get the Mongolian visa, you will need to manage this yourself and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

Information Required For Mongolian Visa Application:

For as long as you want to visit Mongolia, you must apply for a Single Entry Tourist Visa (J). Typically, visas are good for three months from the time of issuance and let you enter a country for up to thirty days.

Mongolia Visa & Passport Requirement - Information & Guides

Documents Required For Mongolian Visa Application:

A copy of your itinerary with the times of your trip may need to be sent with your submission.

Travel Insurances

Absolutely. Prior to the commencement of their Mongolia tour, every person traveling with Intrepid must get travel insurance. On the first day of the tour, your leader will note the details of your travel insurance. Travel insurance is a crucial and required component of any trip due to the diverse nature, accessibility, and expense of healthcare throughout the world.

COVID-19 Entry Information

  • As a condition of carriage, all passengers on a Go Mongolia Tours excursion must be properly immunized against COVID-19.
  • Each and every tourist must present:
  • evidence of COVID-19 immunization
  • All kids between the ages of 5 and 17 must present proof of immunization (if allowed), a clean bill of health, or a COVID-19 test result.

You can request an exemption if your health prevents you from receiving the vaccination. Exemptions will be evaluated on an individual basis. You need to provide a medical certificate signed by a doctor in order to apply. You must always receive the entire range of vaccinations. Please refer to the pertinent medical advice connected with your vaccination for details on doses and recommended inoculation times for each COVID-19 vaccine.