Mongolia Currency – Exchange Rate & ATMs

Mongolia Currency - Exchange Rate & ATMs2

A Mongolia trip will not be completed without currency knowledgement, surely you can bring your money, but the local will highly love Mongolia currency – Tugrik.

Mongolia Currency

The Tugrik ( or MNT) is the native currency of Mongolia. The current exchange rate is around 1 USD = 3,329 MNT. It is advised that travelers bring USD currency, which may be converted at Ulaanbaatar banks or your accommodation to have Mongolia currency. In Ulaanbaatar, you might be allowed to use US dollars, although Tugrik is the only accepted currency across the remainder of the nation. When exchanging money, make sure all the bills are undamaged and seem new. You might not be able to spend or exchange any notes that appear to have seen better days since they will be considered suspicious. For bigger transactions, it is advised that you bring both cash and a credit card.

Credit Cards and ATMs

In Ulaanbaatar and several other cities, the majority of big hotels and eateries often allow major credit cards. Credit cards are not frequently accepted, however you might be able to use them in upscale stores. There are numerous perfectly functional ATMs in Ulaanbaatar. We highly advise you not to use your money in Mongolia tours simply using credit or debit cards. Smaller businesses might not have credit card processing capabilities. When visiting tiny stores and markets and when going through rural parts, make sure you have several payment methods.

Mongolia Currency - Exchange Rate & ATMs2

When Departing

Before ending your Mongolia vacation packages it is highly suggested you exchange any leftover Tughrik into US dollars at your accommodation or the international airport because you won’t be able to do so once you come back. As a replacement will not be feasible without all of these, please make sure you save all of your authentic proportional to the value from your vacation.

Some Of Mongolia Things costs:

A Can of beer = 1500 MNT

A modest dinner at a nearby eatery = 4000 MNT

Dinner at an international restaurant = 10,000 MNT