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When should I visit Mongolia - Best time to visit Mongolia

When should I visit Mongolia? And what is the best time to visit Mongolia? Go Mongolia Tours will give you the exact answer for you with this article.

Weather in Mongolia

Located in Central Asia, the country is bordered only by Russia and China. Mongolia has an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short summers in which most of the precipitation falls. This country’s days are sweltering and very cold at midnight, varying from 20-30 degrees. Located in a temperate climate zone, the climate of Mongolia is sharply continental. This means that it is characterized by a sharp drop in temperature and a small amount of precipitation.

Mongolia has 4 seasons, winter lasts from November to February, spring from March to mid-May, summer lasts from mid-May to late August, and autumn from September to September. the end of October. The cold period in the North can last for 1 month or more than 2 months in the Gobi desert area.

Spring in Mongolia

After winter, the snow melts, and the animals wake up from hibernation. All the animals and plants here begin a cycle of reproduction and development. In Mongolian “Khansh neekh” means some animals that hibernate, waking up from their sleep. For people and livestock, it can be a harsh season of the driest and windiest days, though temperatures quickly turn warmer in the spring. Finally, spring is a season of prosperity – Of strong beginnings and growth. Starting in March, spring usually lasts about 60 days although it can be as long as 70 days or as short as 45 days in some parts of the country.

Spring in Mongolia

Summer in Mongolia

In the summer, the best time to setup Mongolia Tours is from mid-June to late August. Summer temperatures can be as high as 38 °C (100.4 °F) in the southern Gobi region and 33 °C (91.4 °F) in Ulaanbaatar.  In addition, the country’s most famous festival: the “Naadam Festival” is also held in July every year. Visitors in Mongolia will have the opportunity to mingle with the locals and observe and experience the authentic traditional culture here.

According to those who have travel experience in Mongolia, the most suitable time in Summer to come here in July. The weather at this time is extremely cool and pleasant, the day is only hot when the sun is not covered by clouds. Therefore, this is the peak time for tourism, and the demand for accommodation is very high, leading to the phenomenon of the scarcity of accommodation as well as extremely crowded traffic. 

Summer In Mongolia

Autumn in Mongolia

In autumn, the climate of Mongolia turns cold and dry with fresh air and a high blue sky. This also is the best season of beautiful for a Mongolia trip. In September, you will see thousands of swans and other migratory birds stopping by the lakes of Mongolia on their journey south. You’ll also see species that don’t normally live in landlocked countries.

Autumn in Mongolia is quite short, only about 2 months and this is known as a time of change of seasons between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The color of this season is the yellowing of grass, bringing a peaceful feeling to tourists who come to enjoy their trip to Mongolia.

Autumn in Mongolia

Winter in Mongolia

The weather in this country is often harsh in winter. Due to the influence of the cold Siberian wind, Mongolia’s temperature in winter often drops below minus 40 degrees Celsius. If you want to experience the harsh winter in Mongolia, you can visit the suburbs of the capital Ulaanbaatar. The people here have a semi-nomadic lifestyle, they often set up tents in the valleys or hills in the winter.

The special thing in winter in Mongolia is the festival to celebrate surviving the cold weather. In March, when the weather starts to warm up, the Mongols flock to Khovsgol Lake for a two-day ice festival. The greedy will bring a pitcher of milk, water, black or green tea, and salt, a bag of khuushuur (fried buns filled with meat), and gather together on the frozen lake to celebrate the end of the frozen time, the hardest of the year.

winter in Mongolia

The Best Time to visit Mongolia

The best time to travel to Mongolia is usually from May to early October. July is considered an ideal time to visit Mongolia. The weather is cool, and pleasant, only hot when the sun is not obscured by clouds. However, this is the high time of the tourist season here, the accommodation is not enough and the traffic is very heavy. From late July to August is the wet and rainy season.

The best months to visit the Gobil Desert are September and October. The summer temperature in Gobil is 40 degrees Celsius but winter is windy. You can see snow in the Gobil Desert in late April and some lakes remain frozen until June. There is a short rainy season from mid-July to September. Because of the high pressure, the evenings are cold even in summer. Ulaanbaatar is possibly the coldest city in the world. Temperatures usually start to drop below 0°C (32°F) in October, drop to -30°C (-22°F) in January and February and remain until April. September is probably the most ideal, but this time can still be surprisingly cold.

Attention About Weather in Mongolia Trip

Clothes for Mongolia Trip

Regardless of the season in Mongolia, Mongolia’s weather is still extremely harsh for tourists. Because of the large temperature difference between the night and day, whether visitors go in winter or summer, they need to bring warm clothes. In the summer with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees, with the immense green plateaus and clear skies, customers need to bring long-sleeved clothes, sunscreen, and hats to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Dry wind and hot sun here. With harsh winters that can drop to -40 degrees, travelers enjoying a holiday in Mongolia should wear at least 3 layers of clothing when choosing to visit Mongolia in winter.

The innermost layer should be made of wool or any synthetic material with quick-drying properties. Clothing made of cotton fabrics should be avoided as these are absorbent and can cause moisture or even coagulation. The main purpose of the innermost layer of clothing is to keep the body dry. The middle layer (insulation) also serves the purpose of drying and warming. The outermost layer protects the body from wind and snow, visitors should choose clothes with effective waterproof and windproof properties. In addition to clothes, socks, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves are all essentials for both winter and summer as the nights in Mongolia are cold all year round.

Clothes in Mongolia

After the weather factor, visitors should also choose appropriate clothing for each activity and destination in Mongolia. Clothing that is easy to put on and take off should also be a priority as it will be easier to equip when traveling to areas such as desserts or savannas. Casual clothing like jeans or tights won’t be an issue when you’re in the capital Ulaanbataar, but it certainly makes it difficult to engage in physical activities like horseback or camel riding. If there is still space, you can choose to bring sunglasses, moisturizer, a camera, or any other items to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest, and remember to always keep your body warm.