Is Mongolia Worth Visiting? | 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mongolia

Is Mongolia worth visiting

To answer “is Mongolia worth visiting?” Mongolia is definitely a must-visit tourist place, that’s the comment of the tourists after participating in the tour of Go Mongolia Tour. Mongolia is a unique country that will forever hold a special place in tourists’ hearts. Regarding the less traveled destination, Mongolia is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries, and its nomad-based nature conservation has kept Mongolia a nature tourist destination. Mongolia offers legendary wildlife watching and photography expeditions, as well as true wilderness in its most distant areas, in terms of nature tourism. These two key elements may be the primary motivations for explorers, photographers, and culture travelers to visit Mongolia.

1. Discover the Peacfulness and Breath Taking Landscapes in Mongolia

Mongolia is famous for its severe yet incredibly gorgeous landscapes. With its spectacular mountains, huge green meadows, towering sand dunes, and mysterious serenity in the open air, it’s easy to see why Mongolians dubbed their country the “land of the blue sky.” As the sun sets and the moon rises, the night sky offers a magnificent sight of stars that appear close enough to touch!

Mongolia has a large quantity of open area that changes as you travel further away from the city. From the sands of the Gobi Desert to the glaciated snow-capped mountains in the west to the lush green forests of central Mongolia, you are guaranteed to experience vistas you have never seen before. It truly is out of this world, and it reminded us of landscapes that are so ridiculous that they might appear in a cartoon.

Discover the Peacfulness and Breath Taking Landscapes in Mongolia

2. Indulge in Wildlife of Mongolia

With reindeer roaming the north, golden eagles flying in the west, and camels roaming the deserts of the south, visitors frequently choose which areas to visit based on the wildlife they hope to see. The uncommon and stunningly beautiful snow leopard can also be found in the highlands of the southern Gobi. In the hopes of encountering these elusive species, intrepid travelers might hike through their natural environment.

In the Mongolian countryside, traffic delays are caused by herds of cows, sheep, goats, horses, or camels, not by cars. They are simply walking, standing, or attempting to cross the road. Animals can roam freely in Mongolia’s countryside (which is almost the whole country). They can go wherever they choose! There are no fences for animals, and nomadic households use herding dogs to keep their herd together. Wolves, who consider the free-roaming animals as easy prey, are also kept at bay by the dogs.

Indulge in Wildlife of Mongolia

3. Experience Nomadic Culture and Horse Riding Tours

While the capital is home to half of Mongolia’s inhabitants, the rest live a quiet nomadic existence, herding cattle and wildlife as the seasons change. Living alongside nomad families, getting up with them in the morning to milk the cows, collect water, and assist cook the day’s meals, is a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a humbling and illuminating experience that brings you back to the essence of life.

Horse riding excursions in Mongolia are popular because they are an incredible way to explore actual Mongolia, become a part of Mongolia’s wilderness, and firsthand experience and see the nomadic lifestyle. In Mongolia, you may do a couple of hours of horseback riding. However, if you enjoy horseback riding, a multi-day tour may be the finest way to explore (part of) Mongolia.

Experience Nomadic Culture and Horse Riding Tours

4. Enjoy the Hospitality of Mongolians

Mongolians are known for their hospitality despite leading humble lives. If nomads have a spare ger (a felt and wood tent), they will live in it while hosting visitors in the main ger. They are a very hospitable and proud people who are always eager to show off their amazing culture.

Mongolians are among the most generous people we’ve ever met. They are just as interested in you as you are in them. Despite the language barrier, individuals will go out of their way to assist you, make you feel welcome, feed you, and ensure your comfort for the night. We had nothing but hospitality from our host families around the country. One family even relocated their bedroom ger to make place for tourists for the night.

Enjoy the Hospitality of Mongolians

5. Acknowledge History of Mongolia

Most people know Genghis Khan, or Chinggis Khan to the locals, as a fierce warrior who established an empire that stretched from Asia to Eastern Europe. In Mongolia, though, he is revered as the nation’s father. Many enterprises in Ulaanbaatar bear his name. There’s also a 40-meter-tall silver statue of him riding his horse near the capitol. Visitors can climb all the way up the horse’s neck for panoramic views of the great Khan’s domain.

Mongolia is famed for its complicated and rich history, and Genghis Khan is mentioned everywhere. Everything in town is named after him, from the town plaza to the vodka to the airport. There are numerous sculptures of him strewn around Mongolia, and you can learn why while there. Do not miss the enormous Genghis Khan statue outside Ulaanbaatar, which is the world’s highest horse statue. It has to be seen to be believed. A visit to the Genghis Khan Statue Complex is a fantastic choice for a day excursion.

Acknowledge History of Mongolia

6. Special and Unique Cuisine

While there are international restaurants in Ulaanbaatar, rural nomads rely on their animals for meat and dairy products. This accounts for the majority of their nutrition and allows them to endure the hard winters. Learning to cook Mongolian dumplings with a nomad family is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon; vegetarians need not fear, as alternative options may be offered.

If you’re a fan of meat-heavy dishes, then you’re going to enjoy Mongolian food. Listed below are ten traditional dishes to try on your next Mongolia tour. Take a look at some traditional Mongolian dishes at Traditional Foods – 10 Must-try Dishes in Mongolia

Special and Unique Cuisine

7. The Excitement Of Being Alone Among The Great Landscape

With a population of just under three million people, half of whom live in Ulaanbaatar, it is rare that you will encounter other travelers (or even another human) when out in the woods. Still, tourism in Mongolia is growing, with more direct flights from Western nations, so make plans to visit soon if you want to have this empty and unspoilt area all to yourself.

Mongolia is the least populated country on the planet. The sensation of being alone in the vast expanse is one of the most distinctive experiences available only in Mongolia. Mongolia, a country roughly the size of Alaska, has a population density of less than two persons per square kilometer. Mongolia was named one of the best nature travel destinations by National Geographic for its natural richness in the least congested place on the planet.

The Excitement Of Being Alone Among The Great Landscape

8. Explore the Gobi dessert – One of The Must-See Place on Earth

Seeing the world’s fourth-largest desert up close and personal is motivation enough to travel to Mongolia. There’s a lot to take in, from wild wandering camels to the vistas from the top of the gigantic “singing sand dunes” of Khongoryn Els. Visit the Flaming Cliffs, where dinosaur fossils have been discovered, and schedule a camel ride for an amazing desert experience.

The Mongolian Gobi is regarded as one of the world’s top travel destinations. For many decades, this exotic desert has captivated explorers, paleontologists, travelers, and photographers. The Mongolian Gobi is famous for its iconic natural formations, dinosaur fossils, wildlife, birds, and camel herding nomads. Mongolian Gobi provides fantastic desert activities and tips that will make your Mongolian Gobi trip memorable and worthwhile.

Explore the Gobi dessert – One of The Must-See Place on Earth

9. Participate in Nadaam Festival

The enormously famous Naadam Festival honors vital and traditional qualities of Mongolian masculinity. In July, the festival is held throughout the country, with the greatest gathering in the capital. Men participate in three sports: horseback riding, wrestling, and archery. Even children participate in the horse racing across a 20-kilometer route.

Mongolian Naadam Festival – The Mongol identity in the globe following the conquest of Chinggis Khaan. According to the book “TRAVEL” by DK, the Mongolian Naadam Festival is the single must-see event for travellers in July. So, what makes this Festival so appealing to both locals and visitors? Naadam is the unique festival of its kind; it is a sophisticated and lyrical manifestation of nomadic culture, the recognized commemoration of a national freedom, and an amazing blend of arts and sports.

Participate in Nadaam Festival

10. Epic Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival and Eagle Hunters

The Kazakh people of western Mongolia, known locally as Berkutchi, educate the majestic Golden Eagle to hunt animals as huge as wolves by selecting chicks directly from the nest. Visit the Kazakh Eagle Festival in the far western Altai Mountains in September and October. It has been done for ages.

The Golden Eagle Festival is a cultural and adventurous magnet for both domestic and international visitors and photographers. It is not only a festival, but also a historic hunting custom and a distinctive cultural heritage of Mongolia’s Kazakh minority. If you want to know one compelling reason why you should visit Mongolia, the Golden Eagle Festival is the answer. It is one of the must-see events in Asia, particularly in Mongolia.

Epic Mongolia's Golden Eagle Festival and Eagle Hunters